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    Aguti Reserve Visit

    A complex with 4 km of trails that allows you to enjoy the many species of animals and plants that coexist in complete harmony.


    Coffee Experience

    One of the “must-do” activities on the visit to Monteverde is the coffee tour, where you can discover the local culture and delve into the tradition and origins of this land’s relationship with everyone’s favorite morning beverage.


    Adventure Experience

    Through a special tour-booking service, guests can visit nature reserves, try canopy tours, or enjoy waterfalls or hanging bridges among many other wonders of the area.

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    Kiré Restaurant

    One of the highlights is Koora’s exquisite menu. Its restaurant, Kiré, which means “light” in Maleku, is inspired by the local population as part of the identity of Koora and raises the standards of its artisanal products to the maximum.


    Wellness Experience

    Wellness and self-care are a fundamental part of the stay. Koora offers fitness and wellness services such as yoga classes, treatments with relaxing massages, or deep tissue massages, so you can completely disconnect and take this experience to its maximum level of excellence.

Your unforgettable vacation begins with the kind of stunning treetop views only the natural beauty of Monteverde can provide.

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